"Nature at Work"

Plants improve everything around them. Its not only a visual thing, plants look beautiful but they have many other benefits as well.
Live plants reduce the carbon dioxide levels, reduce pollutants, keep air temperature down, increase humidity and they remove dust from the air.
Science has proven that when live plants are present in the workplace, employees overall health and well being is improved. Absenteeism is reduced as well. People that enter your building take notice of the environment. It says a lot about your organization. If you have ever waited in a lobby where there are no plants or plants with poor care, how did you feel about the company?
With the combination of upscale professional planters and healthy flourishing plants, the message is loud and clear.

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Take the guess work about what would be amazing out. We can help with this.

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All plants are installed by us with proper maintenance setup for optimal positive improvement to the workplace area.


We make weekly visits to maintain your plants, including pruning, watering, checking for pests and cleaning.


We guarantee plant replacement. This means if any plant, for any reason is not attractive, we replace it without delay.


Flowering Plants provide an effective and cost efficient solution to regularly freshen your space in ways that energize and excite those who spend time in it. We can periodically rotate your plants so that your display is simply stunning throughout the year.


We can enhance the entrance to your building with flowering urns or bowls. By changing the plants and flowers with every season, you will always have a fresh new look outside your place of business.

Installing and maintaining plants, B'ham, Alabama and surrounding areas.

Design and consult on lighting and placing of plants

With our service, your containers and plants are in perfect condition year round. It's our passion.